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Flats for Sale in Croydon

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Flats for Sale in Croydon

The property market in Croydon is flourishing, and that includes terraced homes, semi-detached and detached homes, commercial properties and flats. That’s right, there are a ton of flats for sale in Croydon in a variety of building styles and in locations that range from off the beaten path to right in the centre of the action. Oaks Estates Agents are the ones to talk to if you’re interested in flats to buy in Croydon.

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Those interested in flats to buy in Croydon will find this is a town with an awful lot to offer. If you like to cook at home there are markets galore sprinkled all over town. If you enjoy eating out you’ll find Indian, Italian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Caribbean, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Middle Eastern and traditional fare including Fish & Chips and Bangers and Mash.

If you enjoy shopping you’ll find Marks and Spencer, H&M, TK Maxx, The Mega Mall, the Centrale Shopping Centre and the Whitgift Mall, one of the largest malls in Greater London. You’ll also find bespoke clothiers, local and national furniture stores, Persian carpets, toy stores, smartphone stores, shoe stores, drapery stores and on and on. And let’s not forget that Croydon is only half an hour by train from London Victoria.

People choose us because we have deep roots in the area and know all the vagaries of the local real estate market. They choose us because we listen to what they want and act accordingly. They choose us because of our no-nonsense approach, and they choose us because we get results. Give Oaks Estate Agents a call today to discuss Croydon apartments for sale.

Regardless of where the flat is that you have your eye on there are certain things you need to keep in mind before signing anything. 

  • Flats are leasehold property – When you buy a leasehold you’re buying the right to occupy a space within a shared building. There is no land involved.
  • What will you pay in service charges? – Anyone who buys a flat will need to pay service charges. You need to find out how much these are and what they cover (and don’t cover).
  • Are you free to remodel the flat? – Homeowners enjoy remodelling their houses. Flat owners do not typically enjoy the same freedom. At least not to the same extent.
  • Who handles repairs? – The service charges you pay may cover repairs. Then again, they may not. They may cover some but not others. You need to find out.
  • Are pets allowed? – In your own home, sure. But when it comes to a flat in a shared building there may be restrictions. If you’re a pet lover you’ll need to find out.
  • Is the area stable? – If you buy a flat for its amazing view and then a high-rise goes up next door a year after you move in you’re not going to be happy. Investigate area development plans.
  • Who do you deal with? – Will you be talking directly to the building owner or is there a management company involved?

Croydon is a vibrant town that is prime for commuters so, as you would expect, it has a wide range of brilliant transport links. From busses and a tram system that can take you around the town, to three railway stations that can take you into London and further afield, the possibilities are endless. 

Firstly, let’s talk about trains. Croydon is home to three train stations – South Croydon, East Croydon and West Croydon. Together they link the town to not only Central London but much further, too. You can be on Brighton beach in just over 40 minutes, and in the heart of the capital in 15 minutes. Not too bad, eh?

Secondly, Tramlink. Unfortunately, there are no tube stations in Croydon but, in better news, that doesn’t stop the party. The tram system provides a great link to a range of nearby tube stops which means you can be on the legendary underground in no time at all. 

And last, but not least, eight council car parks in the town means you should never be short of a place to park your car, if that’s how you prefer to travel. 

Schools are a big factor for anyone moving into an area. Thankfully, Croydon has plenty. Indeed, the town is one of the most highly populated areas of Greater London, when it comes to schools and educational settings. 

There are thought to be around 95 primary schools in the borough, as well as 21 secondary schools. There are then four further education settings – including John Ruskin and Croydon Colleges.

Shopping. History. Entertainment. Nightlife. Croydon has it all. So, if you’re looking to move to the area, you can do so in confidence that you will never be bored or short of things to do. 

For those looking for a bit of culture and history, look no further than the Museum of Croydon. Whilst anyone looking for somewhere to splash the cash might be interested in what the Whitgift Shopping Centre has to offer. Spoiler alert – it’s a lot!  

Then, quite unique to the borough, is the Croydon Airport Visitor Centre. This is a hidden gem that offers a brilliant and insightful tour of a former airport terminal and air traffic control centre.  

Finally, we go outside. Wandle Park and Croham Hurst Woods are great places for walking, playing and exploring. 

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