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It often feels that many areas in London are in a permanent state of flux these days, and the Croydon many people know and love is changing beyond all recognition.

Mind you, many people have long championed that Croydon was overdue for an upgrade, and it is an exciting time to be and around the town.

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What Croydon has to offer

A growing hub of retail and entertainment.

The arrival of Croydon Boxpark highlighted the changing face of the area, and there are many craft options for food, drink and entertainment in the local area. Shopping facilities in the borough are improving, and it is easy to see why there is a buzz of excitement and anticipation as to what Croydon has to offer. These changes have driven activity and demand in the property market.

With a blend of new developments and traditional properties to choose from, anyone looking for a home in Corydon should find that there is a lot to consider.

Croydon is ideal for commuters

One of the most compelling reasons many buyers have to consider Croydon is the transport options. While the town centre is mostly pedestrianised, getting around, in and out of Croydon is a simple process. The presence of the Tram link light rail transport system provides a curiosity in greater London, but for commuters, it is the journey time to and from the heart of London that appeals the most.

From East and West Croydon, it is possible to travel to leading hubs such as London Victoria Station or London Bridge Station in less than 20 minutes. This time is well within the comfort zone of many professionals, and it is natural that Croydon is considered a sound option for people looking to find a balance between work, home life and affordability.

Croydon is well placed for educational options

While the commute is a hugely important factor to consider, it isn’t the only issue many people need to consider. Education is vital for many households, so it is pleasing to know Croydon offers a range of well-regarded schooling options for all age groups.

Croydon College sits near East Corydon Station, and across its sub-colleges, it welcomes more than 13,000 students each year. There are fee-paying schools, faith schools and popular local schools across Croydon, with Chestnut Park Primary School being in high demand. Any household concerned about finding a suitable school in their local area will find Croydon to be an appropriate option.

Croydon is changing, which makes this the ideal time to get involved with the town. A vibrant local hub now matches the traditional transport connections that have long made Croydon worth considering, and Croydon is on the up.

Croydon is a large town in South London. According to the last census, the town boasts a population of over 190,000 people, whilst the wider London Borough of Croydon is home to around 384,000 residents. With a vast shopping district and great night-time economy, it is one of the largest commercial districts in Greater London. 

The borough is home to Crystal Palace Football Club, the famous Fairfield Halls entertainment complex and the well-known Nestlé Tower – formerly a base for the world’s largest food and drink company, and now home to 288 flats. Croydon also boasts the only tram system in London and has a wide range of woods and parks that account for 8.5 percent of London’s woodland. 

The list of things to do in Croydon is endless, but our top pick would have to be the Croydon Airport Visitor Centre. This specialty museum offers up-close and personal tours of a historic airport terminal and control tower. 

Fear not, though, if aviation isn’t your thing. The Museum of Croydon will give you a valuable insight into the area’s social history, whilst Wandle Park and Croham Hurst Woods are a great place for exploring with young children.  

And of course, how could we forget the Whitgift Shopping Centre for some much-needed retail therapy? Home to a range of shops, this is well worth a visit for people of all ages. 

At Oaks Estate Agents, we understand what it’s like to move home, and we know how important it is for estate agents to be honest, transparent and supportive throughout the process. Not only this, our staff are local people who know Croydon’s streets inside out.  

For us, our work is more than just a job. We have a team of experts who are part of the local community, just like you, and can call upon 25 years of experience in this area. 

Whether you’re buying, selling or letting, our friendly team will be by your side every step of the way. We will strive to meet all your needs and exceed all expectations – marketing your home to the best of our ability and getting you the best deal on your new home. 

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