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2 Bedroom Houses to Rent in Croydon


2 Bedroom Houses to Rent in Croydon

Whether you want to put down roots or rent a house for a few years Croydon is a great place to live. A straight, 20 minute shot down the A23 from the capital the town is one of the major financial centres in Greater London and has plenty to offer everyone. 2 bedroom rentals are popular here and range from 2-up 2-downs to maisonettes and state-of-the-art, newly constructed flats with astonishing views. If you’re looking for 2 bedroom houses to rent in Croydon you need to call Oaks Estate Agents.

Why Croydon?

Whether you’re interested in a short-term or long-term rental you are going to love living in Croydon. The town boasts big city amenities without being saddled with big-city problems or big city costs. Those amenities include:

If you enjoy eating out you will find an embarrassment of riches await you here. There’s Indian, Italian, Bulgarian and Vegetarian food. Or try one of the many Caribbean, Pakistani, Japanese, Thai or Greek restaurants. If you’re the type who enjoys cooking at home there are numerous supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Freshfields Market, Waitrose & Partners and more.

The town is surrounded by outstanding golf clubs. If you’re not a fan of the links but you like to stay in shape there’s Trinity Sports Club, Sports Direct Fitness, Energie Fitness and more. You’ll also find martial arts dojos, meditation centres, yoga classes, cycling clubs and other ways to stay physically and spiritually fit.

There are several large modern malls in the town centre along with numerous department stores like H&M and Marks & Spencer. You’ll also find countless boutiques and shops selling everything from shoes to jewellery. If you’re fond of nightlife you’ll find the Story Nightclub, the Dice Bar, the appropriately named Funhouse, along with the Dog & Bull, Builders Arms and Orchard pubs. 

2 Bedroom Houses to Rent in Croydon

As you can see there are a lot of reasons why people flock to this part of South London and 2 bedroom rentals are a popular choice for those that do. With the number and variety of 2 bedroom houses to rent here, it pays to get some expert advice to make sure you find the house that’s just right for your needs. That’s where Oaks Estate Agents come in. We’ll match you up with a 2 bedroom rental house that will dovetail perfectly with your budget, needs and tastes. So give us a call today on 0203 973 9700.

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