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2 Bedroom Houses to Rent in Streatham


2 Bedroom Houses to Rent in Streatham

Midway between Croydon and Vauxhall on the A23 is the charming commuter town of Streatham. The town has seen a major resurgence over the past 20 years and put that stagnation and neglect of the late 20th century well behind it. Today, it’s among the hottest property markets in South London and it’s no wonder. If you’re looking for 2 bedroom houses to rent in Streatham you’ll find just about every imaginable kind.

Variety and Convenience: The Keys to Streatham’s Appeal

A lot of movers and shakers were born or have lived here, including current London Mayor Sadiq Khan, fashion icon John Galiano, former PM John Major, and former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman. The town just has that kind of energetic buzz about it that attracts active, forward-looking types.

Whatever you’re looking for in a 2 bedroom home the team at Oaks Estate Agents can find it for you here. From 2-up, 2-downs, to maisonettes, stately Victorians and semi-detached homes of every size, type and style. If you are looking for something with a more contemporary bent we have those too in the form of ultra-modern flats with all the modern conveniences.

 You’ll find every imaginable type of food along the High Road including, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Vietnamese, Lebanese, East African, Indian, and contemporary European to name just a few. If you’re looking for something a bit upscale try The Hideaway with its live jazz offerings or the Bar 61.

Streatham offers an array of bars, clubs and pubs. For pub lovers, there’s The Manor Arms, The White Lion and The Bull. For club lovers, there’s Infernal’s Nightclub, 7 Miles to Heaven and more. And for movies, there’s the Odeon, The Ritzy Cinema and others.

If staying fit is your thing you will love living here. Streatham has more fitness clubs per capita than just about any other town in Greater London, including Snap Fitness, Virgin Active, Energie Fitness, Squats Gym and Barbell Therapy.

To Find 2 Bedroom Houses to Rent in Streatham, Trust Oaks Estate Agents

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