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What's It Worth?

Property Valuation in Croydon

The very first step in selling your home, beyond deciding that the time has come to take the leap, is getting your property valued. At Oaks Estate Agents, we understand this, and we know just how much influence a valuation can have on where you end up next.

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We know just how comforting it can be for this first step in your house-move journey to be nice and seamless – which is why we pride ourselves on providing a first-class customer experience. We will do everything we can to make the valuation process on your home as simple as possible. 


After making our introductions, and ensuring you are happy and well-informed around the process, we will quickly get to work on valuing your home. Property valuations are an assessment of your property’s value, based on various factors.

These factors can vary, but generally, they include factors such as the location and condition of your house. They will also look at the age and room layout, as well as how much storage space you have. Then, on top of that, they will consider the state of the current housing market. 


At Oaks, we are experienced enough to know that there are lots of reasons that you may need a valuation, beyond just simply wanting to move house. We’re pleased to say that we offer a valuation service for all situations and circumstances. 

Over the years we have done valuations for people who need to know the value of a property they have inherited, people who have shared ownership properties and couples who are divorcing and looking to organise their settlement and split their assets. 

We also provide valuations for Government Help To Buy customers. The Help To Buy equity loan requires you to pay back 20 percent of the house’s value, to the Government, when you sell it on. This figure is based on the latest valuation, and not what you bought the house for.