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Tips for Renting Your First Home in South London

Tips for Renting Your First Home in South London
12/07/2021 Josh Hamit

Tips for Renting Your First Home in South London

What to Consider When Renting Your First Home in South London

Whether youre currently living with family or youve been away at university and have just graduated, renting your first home in South London is likely to present you with a unique set of challenges youve never encountered before. To help you get off to the best start possible, weve put together 5 top tips for first-time renters.

  1. Find Areas That Suit Your Budget and Location Needs – Before you start a detailed search, we advise you to do a little research in order to identify a few areas that are within easy reach of your workplace and have rental properties that are within your means financially.
  2. Check Out as Many Properties as Possible in the Areas You Identify – You need to get a good feel for rental prices in areas that suit you, to ensure you get a fair deal. The best way to do this is to check out as many properties as you can find.
  3. Decide Whether You Need a Furnished or Unfurnished Property – If you have plenty of furniture already, you may find it more economical to rent an unfurnished or partly furnished property and bring your own stuff. If you’ve got nothing to bring, a fully furnished place will be your best option.
  4. Save a Deposit – Almost all landlords require a security deposit from new tenants, which is often a month’s rent. As you’ll also have to pay rent in advance, you will need to save the equivalent of at least two months’ rent.
  5. Research Your Responsibilities as a Tenant – It’s important to make sure you’re familiar with your legal responsibilities as a tenant, before you rent your first home in South London. You can either spend a few hours researching this online or consult your friendly local experts on the subject.

If youd like some professional assistance, we can help you to rent your very first home in South London. We are a team of local estate agents who all grew up in this part of the capital and are very familiar with the local rental market. Get in touch with us now to start the search for your first home.

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