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Read Our 10 Top Property Rental Tips

Read Our 10 Top Property Rental Tips
10/12/2021 Josh Hamit

10 Things Every Tenant Should Check Before Renting a Property

Whether youre about to rent your very first home or you are a seasoned tenant who has lived in a number of rental properties over the years, the following list of things to check before signing a new contract should come in handy.

10 Top Property Rental Tips

  1. Research the Local Area – It’s easy to focus exclusively on the properties you are viewing and forget to research the area that you will be living in.
  2. Check All Appliances – Don’t assume the fridge, dishwasher and washing machine are all in perfect working order: ask for confirmation from the landlord.
  3. Complete a Detailed Inventory – Hopefully your landlord will already have prepared one but if not, insist on including a detailed inventory in your contract.
  4. Check the Required Deposit – Some landlords require a larger deposit than others so it’s important to check the amount before signing a contract.
  5. Ask Where Your Deposit Will Be Held – By law, landlords are required to hold deposits in a protected deposit scheme. Make sure this is the case before you pay your deposit.
  6. Check the Estate Agent’s Fees – We provide clear information on the fees we charge but not all agents do. Make sure you know what costs you’ll incur before planning your move in earnest.
  7. Read the Tenancy Agreement Carefully – And make sure that you’re completely happy with all the terms, BEFORE you sign it!
  8. Check the Policy on Pets if Relevant – If you have a dog, cat or any other type of pet, it’s very important to make sure it will be welcomed by your new landlord.
  9. Ask Why the Old Tenants Are Leaving – They may just be moving on but you can often learn useful facts about a property by asking this question.

If youd like to talk about renting a property in South London with one of our experts, please feel free to call or email us at any time.

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